The aspects of ecology are very close to our heart, which is why we are always very willing to join in various activities promoting environmental education among the inhabitants of Pomerania. It was with all the more joy that we joined the research and educational project “I respect. I sort”. Implemented by the Zakład Utylizacyjny w Gdańsku [ang. Waste-Management Plant in Gdańsk]. On the 23rd of May we had a great pleasure to host in our plant representatives of Gdansk families from Gdańsk, who were selected for the project from among 165 applications. During the visit in our factory, not only did we show production lines: PET flake, nonwoven fabric and needle punched nonwoven fabric but we also talked about the processing of PET bottles and how to prepare a bottle before it begins its “second life” in the form of our highly specialized products. Thank you very much for your visit.

Report from the visit:

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